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About Us

Who Are We?

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How It Began

Jom LOKA was first introduced as an event project for a practical assessment, by a group of BSc (Hons) Conventions and Events Management students from the School of Hospitality and Service Management, Sunway University.

This heart behind Jom LOKA is to bring attention and traffic towards growing local businesses within Malaysia, whilst showcasing and celebrating local art, culture and food. Through Jom LOKA, Malaysian SMEs can exhibit their products and services, and onlookers can explore all that local brands have to offer! 

Jom LOKA's debut in 2020 yielded a positive response from our stakeholders, and by 2021, was commercialized as a partner project between Sunway University and events organizing agency Messe Worldwide Sdn Bhd (MWW). 

This year’s iteration of Jom LOKA is a long-awaited, welcome change to previous years' virtual event arrangement. We are glad to be finally able to bring you a physical Jom LOKA event! We wish to give our audience an even more exciting event than last time, and hope all of you come to love the event for many years to come.

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