medic pets


Attention all pet lovers! MEDIC PETS is a Malaysian manufacturer for pet healthcare products. This brand expertises in curing pet diseases, including fungal, flea, ear mites and skin problems. The unique point of MEDIC PETS is that they are 100% organic and safe, clinically tested & proven and products are formulated by certified veterinarians. 


Some of Medic Pets’ products include:

🐾 Anti Bacterial Shampoo RM 39

🐾 Organic Fur Spray RM 39

🐾 Anti Fungal Organic Spray RM 49

🐾 Medicated Drop RM 29

🐾 Medicated Cream RM 29

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Noniezie Trading


Calling out to all plant lovers! Noniezie Trading is a trading business that deals with the distribution of plant fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides. They also deal with your everyday needs when it comes to fishing and planting. For more information, you can find their contact details below. 


Noniezie Trading merupakan perniagaan trading, peruncitan dan pengedaran bahan baja tanaman, racun tumbuhan, racun serangga serta bahan lain bagi keperluan pertanian dan perikanan.

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pasar segar


Looking for fresh and quality local produce to enjoy?  Pasar Segar is an online e-commerce platform with a world of produce for you to discover! Pasar Segar partners with local farms and fisheries to provide Malaysians with freshest local produce at a lower cost.  Pasar Segar delivers across the entire Klang Valley, including Putrajaya and Cyberjaya. You do not want to miss out on getting these crisp and fresh products! Have the best and freshest groceries delivered straight to your doorstep today! 

Squarefeet pro


Einstein's Houz is a premier student accommodation & community management company, serving students from Sunway University & College, Monash University, Taylor’s University, and The One Academy Students in Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Malaysia. 

Operating under the company name - Squarefeet Pro Sdn Bhd, they have been servicing the Bandar Sunway community since 1997.  Up until today, they have over 2,500 rooms across SS15, Bandar Sunway, PJS 7 to Subang Bestari, providing safe and secured student accommodation, from various higher education institutions in these areas. 

Squarefeet Pro is having a promotion for students that contact them via Jom LOKA!  You will be able to enjoy a 1 month free stay for every 12 months tenancy (booking must occur in 2020) and a RM100 AC credit exclusive for Jom LOKA participants! Your stay can commence anytime from July 2020 onwards. 

They are also looking to expand to other parts of Klang Valley!

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uncle james hostel


UJ Hostel specialises in student accommodation, hostel management and provides rental property services to property owners looking to rent out units to students. With over 21 years of experience, they have served over 30,000 students worldwide and are currently managing over 2500+ rooms across SS15, Bandar Sunway and Subang 2 with an average occupancy rate of over 90%! They ensure proper security measures for students, welfare support, guardianship and to create a caring “home away from home” environment just for you! 


They will also be having a promotion exclusively for Jom LOKA! You get to enjoy a 1 month free stay for every 12 months tenancy (booking must occur in 2020), and your stay can commence anytime from July 2020 onwards!

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SWAMING is a Malaysia clothing and shoe brand that was established in Kuala Lumpur back in December 2018. SWAMING provides shoe cleaning and delivery services by public transport to save time, energy and for environmental protection. All you have to do is DM them on IG, let them collect and clean your shoes and they will update you on the status once it’s ready to be sent back! Their delivery area covers KL, Selangor and the LRT/MRT stations near you. 


SWAMING is open to receiving any creative ideas or designs that you may want to feature on clothes or shoes! You can send in your ideas to swaming.official@gmail.com to discuss further on your creative outlooks. 


They have a special on-going promotion just for you! You will be able to enjoy free delivery throughout the Jom LOKA dates, 26 - 28 June 2020! [Original: LRT (RM5) / other locations (RM15)].

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