Ling Home Bakery


Ling Home Bakery was started by a full-time mother of 3 kids, who decided to pursue her passion for baking. A few years ago, she began her baking business through selling cakes online. Each step in the process - from sourcing ingredients to a finished cake - are all carried out under her love and care.Through her bakery, you can find fresh and quality cakes with deliciousness ensured in every bite!  Her cakes are one of the best for sweet tooth lovers! 


Looking to satisfy your cake craving or surprise your loved ones with a special cake? 

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Looking for something to munch on? Look no further, get your snacks and small bites now from! They specialise in deluxe handcrafted florentine cookies that are packed full with nuts for that extra crunch! Their cookies are the best to satisfy your cravings or to surprise your loved ones. has an on-going promotion special just for you! You can buy 4 canisters at just RM72.50 for a limited time only! 

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Naked Juicery is dedicated to 100% pure and raw cold-pressed juices to help people live happier, healthier and more balanced lives. You get to choose what goes into your juice and leave the goodness making up to them! Naked Juice never heats or pasteurises through their process. No added preservatives, sugar or nasties are added into their juices as well. And the best part? You get to add your name onto the juice bottle for free to make it truly yours! 

Some of their products include the Naked Juice Cleanse, Naked Cold-Pressed Juice, Almond Mylk, Cacao Almond Mylk, Nuts About Coconuts and more! Enjoy a free delivery within Klang Valley with a purchase of 15 bottles & above OR by ordering their 3 days Juice Cleanse package.

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With over 20 years of experience, Truly Melaka is a renowned brand for its quality and taste. Their products are said to bring a truly divine mouth-watering palette. Truly Melaka is all about deliciousness and booming flavours - sweet, sour, salty and let’s not forget the main taste we Malaysians love: SPICY! 


Some of their products are as shown below:

1. Rendang Chicken w/ Pandan Rice

2. Devil Chicken Curry w/ Pandan Rice

3. Nyonya Fried Chicken w/ Pandan Rice

4. 3-pc Nyonya Fried Chicken w/out Pandan Rice

5. Sambal Crunch


Once you’ve had a taste, you’ll surely be back for more and more! Truly Melaka is here for you to satisfy your cravings!

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mari eat


Looking for something to satisfy your sweet cravings?Find your ultimate food comfort with MARI. All products are homemade goodness that comes directly from their kitchen to your tummy! It’s always a good time for some self guilty pleasures, or to surprise your family and friends with a cute surprise at their doorstep! 


Some of their famous products are their burnt cheesecake with oreo for extra crunchiness, a 3-layer oreo cappuccino cheesecake for coffee-cheese lovers and a choux au craquelin (mini cream puffs with a variety of fillings to choose from!). 


MARI is offering a special discount with their code MARI5OFF for RM5 off their whole cakes if you engage with them through the JomLOKA platform! 

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crumbs cottage


Founded in 2014, the branding idea for Crumbs Cottage was inspired by the story of Hansel and Gretel, where the two children follow a trail of crumbs to a cottage that was built out of cakes and sweets. As their brand name suggests, when you eat their cakes, the leftover crumbs will remind people of the goodness and deliciousness from the baked goods. The crumbs will definitely leave you wanting more and heading back to this amazing little cottage (which hopes to turn itself into a cafe in the future!). 


1st PhotoRm55 for a box (4 flavour, 8pcs in total) (Usual price rm60, one flavour only no mix)  No changing of favours allowed.  Available from:- Friday 26th - Sunday 28th 2020.  Pick up from Bandar Utama or delivery at extra charge. 

2nd Photo: Apple strudels (RM5.50/each, minimum order of 12)

3rd Photo: 3 cake slices for RM30

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Looking for something to snack or munch on during a break? Craving for satisfying and healthy bites? Stop & Snack is definitely the go-to brand for homemade deliciousness! This health food store specializes in peanut butter oat bars which are healthy and filling. What makes them so special is that every bar is freshly homemade, a great source of protein and no preservatives or artificial sweeteners are used in their products! 


Each ingredient is carefully thought out to bring the most benefit to your health.

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Boony & co


Seaberry Crunch is an EcoCert certified organic blend of seaberry and honey, packing a healthy dose of over 200 bioactive nutrients. It tastes wonderfully sweet & sour and has 15 times more Vitamin C than oranges, 10 times more Vitamin A than carrots and 10 times more Vitamin E than olives! On top of that, it has a whole range of Omega 3,6,7 and 9. We call it nature’s best multivitamin and you can call it a healthy snack! It's suitable for ages 1 to 99 and beyond.

Special deal for Jom Loka:
Get a complimentary BoonY & Co Hand Sanitizer with every purchase of Seaberry Crunch. Free delivery within Malaysia.

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royal taste



Royal Taste promises to be your trusted local brand to deliver premium Malaysian delights to you that can also be gifted to your loved ones



Royal Taste believes that our customers deserves quality and healthy snacks worth each dollar spent with us. Royal Taste promises to use authentic ingredients to make our snack.

Selling 3 sets as below:

[2PCS/300G] RoyalTaste Salted Egg Fish Skins Chips| Pork-free | 纯咸蛋鱼皮   ----Price : RM 59.25

[Limited time Free Shipping] (4PCS) RoyalTaste Salted Egg Fish Skins | Pork-free | 纯咸蛋鱼皮 ----Price : RM 118.50

[150G]RoyalTaste Salted Egg Fish Skins | Pork-free | 纯咸蛋鱼皮---------Price : RM 39.50

Price above is after 25% discount(set of 2pcs and 4pcs)  , can refer to shopee shop.

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From our nests to your wellness. We are Wellnest.


Our signature product, the Designer Edible Bird’s Nest is designed for the modern world - designed for you. No cooking & no hassle: Just add hot water. Completely natural, pure edible bird’s nest - using only 20 minutes from preparation to consumption.



🧡No preservatives

🧡No additives

🧡100% Natural

Proudly Malaysian.

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Looking for simple and classic bites for your meals? 😋 Discover the taste of premium with Mamara! 🤩Their specialty is their premium classic sponge cheesecake (yum! 🤤). As stated in their bio, Mamara brings luxury to your dining table with signature and affordable menus. 🌟


Some of their products include:

✨ Photo 1: Classic Sponge Cheesecake

✨ Photo 2: Laksa Sarawak

✨ Photo 3: Mee Kolok

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Nectareous is a brand that is committed to offer a carefully-selected range of high quality natural goodies for your nourishment and enjoyment. They strongly believe in harvesting the rich benefits provided by nature in maintaining a healthy well being. 

Products offered:  

🍯 “Elixir of Life” - Polyfloral jungle honey, produced by giant rock bees found in the Rainforest, packed with amazing health benefits!
🍯 Dorsata Gold Honey (Raw & Pure) (700g, RM 80.00) - Raw & pure energy booster
🍯 Dorsata Trigona Honey (Wild, Raw & Pure) (700g, RM 138.00) - Natural source of nutrient
🍯 Dorsata Bitter Rock Honey (Wild, Raw, Pure & Mature) (700g,  RM 180.00) - Rich medicinal value liquid with high nutrients


Brother bean


Looking for something to quench your thirst? 🤤 Brother Bean brings you freshly crafted soy milk right to your doorstep! 😍✨ Their soy milk contains NO preservatives or additives and is made from non-GMO Canadian soybeans, served in a beautiful 1 litre glass bottle. 😋 With every sip of milk, you’re contributing and helping communities gain access to clean water. ☺️How inspiring is that? 💕


Twin Pack (RM30.00) excluding delivery fee:

🌟 Two 1-liter Sweetened Soy Milk

🌟 Two 1-liter Unsweetened Soy Milk

🌟 Two 1-liter Soy Milk (Sweetened + Unsweetened)

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Founded in April 2011 by two young Malaysians - Mr Faizul & Ms Nita, Kaw Kaw was created as the 1st Burger Bakar to date!  Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw features their special giant homemade grilled patty and is known to be the 1st Street Kiosk for Grilled Burgers in Malaysia!  Their customers, the BURGERNIZERS can dine in and enjoy the ‘street feel’ while hanging out with their loved ones. 


Some of their famous menus include :

✨Beef Classic and Lambernizer

✨ Beef or Lamb Cheezy

✨ Beef or Lamb Streaky

✨ Chicken Classic 

✨ Sweet BBQ or Spicy Chicken

✨ Fried Chicken Potong

✨ Cheezy Fries 


For online orders, Kaw Kaw Burger is available on FoodPanda, GrabFood and DeliveryEats! Note that delivery pricings are more expensive than walk-in rates. For more deliciousness, check them out at:

Location: Level 4, Sunway Putra Mall

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